Brendan James Review: The Day Is Brave

With his warm, rich tenor and emotionally powerful songs, Brendan James announces himself as an artist-to-watch on his dazzling debut album The Day is Brave. Rooted in the classic singer/songwriter tradition, with its introspective lyrics and unforgettable melodies, the album is 11 tracks of stunning songcraft: elegant, earthy, and displaying a total lack of artifice that is rare in the pop world these days.

Brendan James, a charming young musician from North Carolina, releases his debut album entitled “The Day Is Brave” on June 3rd. He’s not shy or embarrassed when it comes to talking about emotion, past loves or difficult family situations. He puts it all out there, and the combination of lyrical poetry and his uncanny musical talent, creates something that is truly magical.

Brendan seems to have a new and old feel to his songs at same time. Clearly influenced by music from the 70’s, the album seems very personal with songs like “Green” a song about a former girlfriend that he met while working at Urban Outfitters to “The Other Side” a song about not fitting in as a child. There’s at least one song on the album that everyone can relate to.

The concentration on the piano really blows me away; it’s a fresh sound that really wakes up the ears. However, with that being said, a lot of the songs do sound the same. Similar tones and tempos are used throughout the album, and while pushing the limits a bit more might have benefited this album, Brendan still has created a solid debut that will allow him to connect with fans and establish a high level of talent for a second release.

Brendan’s voice is extremely unique, and his lyrics are even better. Stories are told with every song, emotion is conveyed, and depth is clearly recognized, yet he manages to retain a simplicity that is reminiscent of James Taylor and Carole King. Brendan James is one to watch. We recommend watching him from the beginning.

Review by Emma Loggins

Grade: B+
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