Cirque du Soleil: KA review

Las Vegas has a lot to offer in the entertainment department. Cirque du Soleil has created the most intriguing options. There are currently seven Cirque shows running in Vegas, KA may certainly be the most unique of the bunch. Stepping into the theater where KA resides is like stepping into another world. Performers fly above as the audience gets settled in. The quiet chatter begins as soon as the patrons hit their seats and get their bearings. There’s no stage at KA, the audience is staring at, what Cirque calls, a “bottomless void.” It’s both massive in size and comes as a shock to the audience members. The oohs and ahhs had begun before the show had even started.

In a series of over a dozen scenes KA tells a story in a way that few other productions can. The production opened quietly as one of the performers dragged an audience member out of his seat then abruptly tossed him over the edge of the void which caused an explosion. The audience laughed nervously and 90 minutes of swordplay, performances in mid air, and raucous applause from the audience followed.

The story that intertwines each scene honestly doesn’t matter. The story is an integral part of the production, yes. But, during a Cirque production such as this, it’s easy to let the stunning visual aspects of KA wash over you. Between the daring number as two performers dangle and spin in mid air and watching performers climb up a tilting stage dodging arrows, KA is certainly a mesmerizing show.

It’s hard to fathom the time and effort that the crew of Cirque puts into this production. No stage is used during this performance, just two platforms, which appear throughout the show at different times, and five stage lifts. This is what Cirque is all about, pushing the boundaries of live entertainment to a new level. Even in Vegas this show is considered a spectacle.

A moment mid way through the show displays how diverse Cirque is. The show is able to entertain the audience with its death defying stunts and massive productions. But the most entertaining moment may have been the simplest. Two performers sat in the middle of the stage and communicated through shadow puppets. These talented performers were able to silence the theater. It’s incredible how truly talented artists can create jaw dropping moments using a medium as simple as shadow puppets.

KA is both entertaining and is well worth the price of admission. The show justifies Cirque’s position in the entertainment world and makes it clear why thousands of people flood into the theater night after night. It’s an amazing performance that could only be trumped by another Cirque creation.


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