Darren Criss To Possibly Become A ‘Glee’ Series Regular

Just a day after the actor’s debut, Darren Criss is already in discussions to join Fox’s hit series Glee as a regular!

As Glee has already been given an early renewal for next season last May, reports state that the 23-year-old actor would most likely join the cast full time during it’s third season.

Criss was introduced in this past Tuesday’s episode as Blaine, a gay student at a local all-boys academy who befriends Kurt (Chris Colfer). Blaine however, is more of an experienced mentor on growing up gay than a real love interest at the point to Kurt, but that could all change in season three. Blaine is also a member of the Dalton Academy’s glee club, the Warblers, one of the teams Kurt’s New Directions must face in sectionals.

Criss is best known for his work on the short-lived series Eastwick and the YouTube Harry Potter send-up, A Very Potter Musical. Glee fans, would you like to see Blaine become a series regular? And if so, how would you like Kurt and his relationship to play out?


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