I Am Number Four DVD Review: Twilight Meets Roswell

I still remember reading my advanced copy of I Am Number Four when it first arrived last summer where, in my review, I said, “Think Twilight meets the long-since cancelled WB drama Roswell – but more bloody and less girly.” The same description holds true for the movie, which actually stays pretty true to the book.

Here’s the story – I Am Number Four focuses on the fourth alien in a group of nine. The first three have been killed, and now Number Four’s life is on the line. This group of aliens (from the planet Lorien) arrived on earth roughly eleven years ago. Their planet was destroyed by a group of aliens (Mogadorians) that yearned for resources that they had used up/destroyed on their own planet. In order to save the Lorien race, nine Garde (aliens with special powers) are matched with a guardian and sent to earth. And due to a special spell that has been cast, the Mogadorians can only kill them in a certain order. They’ve gotten the first three, now it’s Number Four’s turn.

Number Four is just trying to fit in and live as normal of a life as he can. He’s in high school, and has just moved with his guardian, Henri, to Paradise, Ohio. He adopts the identity of John Smith, and falls for Sarah Hart pretty much the first moment he sees her on his first day of school. Enter in your tormented human/alien relationship à la Roswell style, which you’ll get to enjoy briefly before the scenes following remind you that you are indeed watching a Michael Bay film. The action actually works well in this film though. Once the Mogadorians locate John Smith – it all unravels pretty quickly into a pretty spectacular showdown which basically obliterates the high school.

In comparison to the book, there were a couple scenes that book constructed differently. For example, the venture into the woods where Number Four/John Smith beats up his love interest’s ex-boyfriend and a few of his douchey friends. And then there is the party scene where he has to save Sarah’s life – both were a bit more dramatic in the book than what we see with the film. Especially the party scene which just felt cut short in the film.

When I talked to Teresa Palmer (who played Number Six) earlier this year, she told me they all signed a standard contract for three films – so it all depends on the success of the series as to whether or not the other films will get made. Can’t wait for the next film? The next book The Power of Six will be out the end of August. (I’m reading an advanced copy now – I’m about half way into it, and I can already tell you it’s awesome!)

As far as special features on the I Am Number Four Blu-ray, be sure to check out the deleted scenes, bloopers, and a cool featurette featuring Number Six (Teresa Palmer).

All-in-all, I Am Number Four is entertaining and has something for both the guys and the gals. It may be a little over-the-top with certain scenes, but it’s still one hell of a ride that’s pretty dazzling.

Grade: B+
I Am Number Four Official Website: http://findnumberfour.com/

Review By: Emma Loggins

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