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Home Music Tim Mcgraw Concert Review: An Epic Performance
Tim Mcgraw Concert Review: An Epic Performance

Tim Mcgraw Concert Review: An Epic Performance


Twenty thousand of Tim Mcgraw’s ‘closest friends’ as he likes to call them, flooded the Shoreline Amphitheater for what’s becoming an annual summertime engagement. This year’s Emotional Traffic Tour also featured performances from Luke Bryan and The Band Perry.

Usually the scores of country fans find alcoholic beverages in the parking lot much more entertaining than an opening act. In The Band Perry’s case, the audience’s attitude was much different. The amphitheater was almost at capacity when Kimberly Perry emerged and laid down roots front and center.

The three family members are quickly finding a home in these larger venues. Forget the honky-tonks, these three are going to be head lining soon. The chords of “If I Die Young,” were struck too soon, signaling the end of a set which had showcased much more than their singles that are currently in rotation on country radio.

Luke Bryan has worked a few rooms in his life. Well, actually thousands. Bars, parking lots, baseball stadiums, you name it. Bryan has probably been there and sang on a stage. That practice, if you will, is finally paying off. With a solid catalog of recognizable songs to lean on, Bryan’s set moved quickly and kept the audience on their feet.

His personality took over many times throughout his 40 minute performance and kept it from lagging. Between his impression of Elvis, covers of a few rap songs, and solid musicians behind him, Bryan can no longer be on the “artists to watch” list. He’s carved out his own place among the heavy hitters of country music.

Tim Mcgraw began his two hour performance getting up close and personal with thousands of fans in the cheap seats. To the surprise of a few women that had brought their binoculars to get a better view of the superstar, their seats became the most coveted in the venue. A small platform in the center of the arena was the spot to be, as Mcgraw waded his way through adoring fans and didn’t waste much time once he made it safely to his destination. Three hit songs were quickly sung, Mcgraw screaming randomly throughout them, and it became apparent that the fans weren’t the only ones having a great time. Once returned to his rightful place on the big stage the showman began an epic performance.

A few Redbulls later Mcgraw was back to his antics running the length of the venue, being mobbed by fans. He did fit some singing in during his two plus hours on stage. A solid performance of “Red Ragtop,” and, as a surprise to many fans, he reached way back and launched into a great rendition of “Indian Outlaw.” Although Mcgraw can be a tad overwhelming, there’s no denying his talent. His jeans don’t need to be ripped that much, they certainly don’t need to be that tight, his belt buckle looked like a table that could seat the Duggars, and his pearly whites shown like the sun. But his songs are classics, he was drown out by the audience in most cases. And he has become a figure that is larger than life, even evoking a few tears from a young fan as he grabbed her outstretched hand.

The encore featured “Live Like You Were Dying,” which got the audience revved up. There’s nothing like a country concert in June. And Mcgraw has put on one of the best for years and will, no doubt, continue to do so.


  1. ive been a long time tim mcgraw fan for years now. ive seen him maybe 5 times now in concert (sadly he doesnt come around this way often on tour) but everytime ive seen him he always puts on such a great entertaining live show. it shows that he loves his job and he knows how to keep his fans entertained for the 2 hrs he is on stage.

  2. when was your concert? Tim had a private gig here in WI on Thursday night. My brother went on my ticket with his godmother. He had a nice time, but the drunks were terrible. 🙁

  3. I spent the day out in the rain and mud. Plus I knew I would be outside all day Friday and Saturday starting early in the morning. So in the end I just wasn’t in the mood. Good thing cause I might have ended up in jail or the hospital. I wouldn’t have kept my mouth shut with the drunks.

  4. haha i know that feeling. they need to have a separate section just for the drunks so that they don’t interfere with the rest of the crowd who is there to enjoy the show

  5. I saw the Milwaukee concert on Thursday, June 23 and was disappointed. It seemed to me and others that he just wanted to sing and leave 🙁 Glad I didn’t pay for this concert. A big crowd of people left about a half hr before the concert ended

  6. wow really? that sounds surprising to me. maybe something else was going on BTS that we dont know about. cuz thats not normal for him


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