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Concert Review: American Idols Live!

Concert Review: American Idols Live!

There’s many factors that keep driving the American Idol machine. But the most important one may be talent. This year’s top two, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, are straight up country. They were given the most stage time and made a big impression. Although the night was laced with cringe worthy covers and a few artists who will never be on an arena stage again, it was a solid night of music and a chance for the Idol fans to see their favorites live.

This tour has been going strong since Idol‘s inaugural year. With all the detractors of the billion dollar brand this show has become, it doesn’t stop the fans from buying tickets. Hp Pavilion in San Jose was nearly at capacity as the top twelve contestants launched into two hours of covers, along with a couple of new songs thrown in by the most popular from the crop of newbies.

The audience was family oriented and the performers looked awkward, excited, and at times a little overwhelmed on stage. It’s not every day performers on an arena stage show genuine emotion. These are normal people after all. These lucky twelve have been thrust into the limelight at breakneck speed. And the show is concentrated on their vocal talent, as it should be. There aren’t many choreographed dance routines and zero KISS style antics. The TV cameras may not be there any longer but that doesn’t mean the pressure has dissipated.

Both winners may be outsold by Pia Toscanao in the future. McCreery may have won the official title but Pia sure did have a lot of stage time, got the most applause, and had a few of the strongest performances of the night.


  1. Who are you??? Are you delusional?? Pia is going to outsell Scotty? really?? Clearly, you follow nothing in the news, as Scotty as a gold single and a hit video while they’re giving away Pia’s video for free and her single is discounted at 69cents. Obviously, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Brian Mansfield you’re not.

  2. You obviously are a biased fan of Pia. With all that is happening around ie Scotty’s albums, hitting the charts and outselling other idols, did you just wrote Pia will outsell Scotty? Pia who ?????

  3. saw the concert in Raleigh. Very upsetting that PIA would have been given so much stage time seeing she was voted off at #9. The stage should have been dominated by the top 4 or 5 winners. She does have an excellent voice,Scotty and Lauren have charisma and talent.

  4. I was at the San Jose concert and I did not hear nor see the kind of news you are talking about Pia. She may have had more songs than the others but she did not get the loudest applause. Pia is too pale in comparison to Lauren, Durbin, Casey and most of all Scotty. Pia is too blah. She can’t even sway to her songs right. Have you checked the polls lately? How is Pia”s cd’s doing?

  5. I question that you were even present, at least in mind. Even if you were, have you been living under a rock and without benefit of any kind of media? Pia has a great voice and is pretty, nothing else. Scotty gave the best performance of all, MAYBE because ILYTB just went gold? Seriously, WHERE have you been? Your article was not even well written and was delusional. Don’t quit your day job.

  6. Really are you serious? are you one of those people who just like to start crap. Please you are so full of Sh*t it makes me laugh. I can’t even comment on the bull you just spewed.

  7. Learn to write! Your grammer is terrible, from the very first word. “There’s” (short for “there is”) implies singular but is followed by the plural “many factors”… I figured I’d better explain it you since, based on your review, you’re an idiot!

  8. I find it hard to believe that Pia would be the overall favorite at any concert. Yes she can sing but I don’t see her having a long lasting career. Scotty is the total package and from every video I watch from all the tour dates he always gets the best reception. You apparently don’t understand music very well

  9. I don’t know what tour you were on, but I was at the show in Raleigh as well, and Pia may have been on the stage more (no more than Lauren), but I PROMISE you that she DID NOT get more applause than SCOTTY or Lauren! The only place she would have gotten more applause would have been close to her home. Sorry, but you are WAY OFF on this one! Also, the bottom nine had more stage time than Lauren and Scotty because they took up basically ALL of the first half of the show. They saved the BEST for last!


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