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Jurassic Park DVD Review: Just As Awesome As You Remember

Jurassic Park DVD Review: Just As Awesome As You Remember


It’s finally here. The Jurassic Park trilogy on Blu-ray. There are few DVDs that are a must for every collection, but I’d put this on the list – purely because of the original film, and all the amazing extras!

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park was based off the Michael Crichton novel released in 1990 by the same name. It tells the story of an island amusement park that has been populated by cloned dinosaurs. Supposedly safe for tourists to come in and witness the grandest creatures to have ever walked the Earth. Before opening though, a select number of “lucky” individuals get to view the park and all its glory – however it becomes quickly evident that they’re in over their heads. The thrill ride ensues with a rampaging T-Rex and clever (though enhanced by 3 feet velociraptors, but whose going to get picky and say that was actually a Deinonychus. Okay, so I did, but that didn’t keep me from getting completely engulfed in them film time and time again)…. I still saying I would visit a park like this – after it’d been open without incident for several years.

The Lost World was the sequel to Jurassic Park. Based off the novel released by Crichton in 1995, the script was less solid – but the effects continued to woo us (Hey – we still had Jeff Goldblum – that counts for a lot!). The third film Jurassic Park 3, really had nothing going for it – despite being lead by Sam Neill.

I think it’s safe to say that all Jurassic Park fans were less than pleased with the sequels, but the lack of a solid storyline aside – we still got to see more awesome dinosaurs! So I didn’t feel like my time was wasted in the least. I’d go see a 4th film! Perhaps that was part of why I was so excited for Terra Nova this fall. I don’t think I was alone in expecting it to be like Jurassic Park the TV series. But with such a limited budget and timeline, the series’ effects less than grabbed me. It’s amazing looking back even now – the effects in Jurassic Park have stood the test of time. More than 15 years later, the dinosaurs still look just as amazing as they ever did.

If you need another reason to pick up this collection, the special effects should seal the deal. There are hours of additional footage from behind the scenes specials to never-seen-before six-part documentary featuring all new interviews with the cast and crew, and so much more.

It’s going to be one of DVD picks for the holiday season – so go ahead and grab it and get some of your Christmas shopping done early!

Grade: A
Review By: Emma Loggins

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  1. “though enhanced by 3 feet velociraptors, but whose going to get picky and say that was actually a Deinonychus. Okay, so I did” – you really are turning into Sheldon! Actually, I always thought of them as smaller Utahraptors. They are almost identical but on a smaller scale rather than larger velociraptors. Anyways, I think this movie has a special place for everybody in out generation. I remember seeing it in theaters and it was so amazing in its special effects that they still hold up today which is saying a lot. While the first is the best I enjoy the sequels as well. What I find really interesting about the 3rd film is it’s actually just made up of stuff in the original book that didn’t make it into the first movie like the Aviary and the swimming dinosaur. I read a while back that they are going to make a fourth book with the return of Grant and Malcolm. I definitely have this Blu0ray set on my Goozex list!

  2. haha :-)Thanks! And Utahraptors are scary stuff! I can definitely see why you would go with that. They had similar claws as well – more so than Deinonychus. I’m a bit of a dino nerd I guess. haha 🙂 Will you check out the 4th book? There’s actually an IMDB entry for a fourth film up – though it doesn’t look like it’s been touched in years.

  3. Oops, I meant movie instead of book. I have heard 2 different things; I heard they were going to make a 4th movie and Goldblum and Neil would reprise their roles and recently Joe Johnston, who directed the 3rd movie, said that after Captain America he would start on the 4th Jurassic Park but he says it will be the first in an entirely new trilogy. Either way Spielberg is supposed to be involved. I am pretty certain I will see it either way, I just really love those movies.


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