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Home Music Kid Disaster’s Self-Titled EP Is Anything But A Disaster
Kid Disaster’s Self-Titled EP Is Anything But A Disaster

Kid Disaster’s Self-Titled EP Is Anything But A Disaster


Born in June 2011, the indie pop rock band Kid Disaster has been making headlines ever since. Originating from the east coast in their hometown of Boston, the five piece band has accomplished much in their short time together.

Kid Disaster was given the honor of playing at the Warped Tour last summer, opened up for acts such as There For Tomorrow, Terrible Things, A Skylit Drive, as well as playing a countless number of other shows across the United States.

“[The Warped Tour] was honestly an amazing experience,” vocalist Shane Dooley said in an exclusive interview with FanBolt. “You work so hard to get your name out to as many people as possible. Playing in front of so many faces you don’t know is such a humbling experience. It’s great to meet new people and just hang around with other bands you love listening to.”

“[Our] least favorite part was not being able to stay on the entire tour,” bassist Russell Alba said. “It was such an awesome experience and we’d love to be apart of the whole thing this summer.”

“The best part was just playing the set and getting to hear the awesome reactions from people who stayed and checked us out,” Dooley said. “Meeting a ton of people all day long and pushing our music was more fun than normal.”

After their Warped Tour debut, Kid Disaster spent a lot of their time introducing their music to the local music scene in Boston. The band was recently featured as having one of the top five most voted songs on WZLX Radio Boston, proving their musical talents and tenacity have paid off.

Along with radio play, Kid Disaster prepares constantly to get ready for live gigs.

“As far as getting ready for shows, we just play the crap out our songs a bunch of times a week and consistently write to keep things fresh,” drummer Sean Noyes said. “The best part is showcasing the songs we’ve been working on in the practice space and studio. It’s always great to have people listen to your music online but then when you see people singing back and buying your music and shirts…there’s no feeling like it. We really try to keep things fun and energetic for our live show. Being as tight as possible is also a main concern. We’ve always been super critical of our live show and like to hold ourselves to high expectations.”

Their self-titled EP was recorded with John Naclerio out of Orange County, NY. He has been known to have worked with bands such as Brand New, Just Surrender, Bayside and many more.

When recording an EP, the boys of Kid Disaster say their preparation is similar to preparing for a live show. They practice and practice until they have reached perfection.

“We were lucky enough to have [Alba’s] studio equipment,” Noyes said. “So we can demo as much as we want, before we have to get in the pre-production stage with John at the studio.”

The Kid Disaster EP is one of my favorite albums I have had the chance to get my hands on. I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t constantly playing in my car or on my iPod. It has a new indie rock sound to it that differs from most bands out there. It definitely reminds me of greatness of Taking Back Sunday’s “Tell All Your Friends” album.

Their EP and other songs can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon and other music outlets. However, as a FanBolt reader exclusive, Kids Disaster has made their EP available to download.

“All we can hope for is to get our name out and strong enough to be able to tour successfully for as long as we can,” Noyes said. “The music industry is a tough one to be a part of to make money and do it as your full time job. As long as we get out of state and make an impact we’ll be beyond satisfied.”

Kid Disaster is:
Shane Dooley – Vocals
Colin Talbot- Guitar
Russell Alba – Bass
Sean Noyes – Drums
Dave Nugent – Bass/Vocals



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