‘Covert Affairs’ 4.11 Episode Recap and Review: Does Henry Really Believe That Annie is Dead?

The mid-season return of Covert Affairs is back in full-effect with Jessica Matthews as America’s new darker and edgier, international spy-girl. Piper Perabo’s character has left Frankfurt Germany and is hiding out in Geneva Switzerland, as she attempts to recruit Henry Wilcox’s ex-wife to take him down. But will Sana join forces with Annie, or did Henry already manipulate her into siding with him? I know there are five more episodes until the end of the season, but I feel like Walker is the one being played. Despite having both Auggie and Calder as part of her support team in the U.S., it’s hard for me to believe that she’ll be able to complete this off-the-books mission, since she doesn’t have that many resources overseas.

Perhaps if The Campbell family were in on the operation I’d be a little bit more optimistic, but for now I’m a bit worried. After four seasons Walker’s still making a lot of rookie mistakes — like asking obvious questions to gather intel — and to make matters worse, for someone who’s supposed to be off the radar, she sure as hell raised a red flag by killing Goodman. Once Henry finds out that another one of his moles are dead, he’ll figure out what Michaels is up to if he hasn’t already. Even if Calder and Auggie decide to let Joan in on the secret, now that she’s back at Langley, it’ll be difficult for her to provide any assistance now that she has much lower clearance than ever before. Plus, with the agency being able to monitor everything, I’d imagine that someone will eventually take notice of Anderson and Michaels’ casual exchanges around the office.

What do you think will happen next on Covert Affairs? Share your theories below, and be sure to watch on Thursdays at 10p EST on USA!


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