Disney Channel to Revamp Demi Lovato Series

Though star of the show Demi Lovato is currently in treatment, Disney Channel has found a way to rework TV series Sonny With A Chance around her absence.

How? Producers will attempt to focus the series on the show-within-a-show, So Random, and hope for a success [big risk]. Fans are all hoping for a success, and the network is being applauded for trying to give the actress time to recover and return instead of just replacing her.

“This allows her the time she needs to get well, without distraction or pressure,” a Disney Channel spokeswoman told the trade paper. “Again, we extend our ongoing support to Demi and her family as she works to overcome personal issues.”

Each Sonny With A Chance episode will feature comedy sketches, musical performances, digital shorts and guest stars for the teen sketch comedy show, So Random! The first special full episode of So Random! aired on Oct. 17.

Do you think the show will make it by with ratings for this temporary show directive until Lovato can return? Or is this a disaster waiting to happen?

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