Glee’s Chord Overstreet Talks: Paltrow, Playgirl & Quinn

Glee‘s newest hottie, Chord Overstreet opened up this past Friday on some dyer fan questions: his future with Quinn, working with Gwyneth Paltrow, and why he won’t do Playgirl.

When asked about his relationship with Dianna Agron’s character Quinn on Glee, Overstreet responded coyly, saying: “There’s some tension, some drama, that happens here and there. There’s some good fun stuff. I’m basically talking without giving away any storyline.”

However, when the subject of working with Gweneth Paltrow arose, Overstreet had much to say. “She’s so talented. She’s super funny. She’s got a great voice. She literally had to come in and learn four dance numbers in one day. She’s one of the sweetest people and she’s got the sweetest kids, too. She brought them to set a couple of days and they’re the cutest little kids,” he said.

Now, about that Playgirl offer…”It’s a little racy,” he explained, “I’m playing high school. I’m not one to flash my business.”

Sorry fans, but it looks like we won’t be seeing the Glee star’s buff bod in the next issue of Playgirl after all, but that doesn’t mean GQ’s totally out the picture…does it?


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