Julie Benz Talks: ‘Dexter’ And ‘No Ordinary Family’

No Ordinary Family and Dexter fans: Julie Benz sat down recently to talk about her former gig on Dexter, and her current No Ordinary Family character Stephenie’s future!

When asked about what the upcoming episodes of No Ordinary Family holds for character Stephanie, Julie reveals that her family’s powers could be taken away by some force out there unknown to fans. “It’s the thing you’d never even think about.”

Julie also revealed that Episode 9 required her character to wear harnesses and wires [does that mean more crime-fighting for Stephenie?]. “She’s still reluctant to use them to fight crime and to work with Jim in that vein and she’s reluctant to have the family work together in that vein,” Julie explains. “But we do see that evolving a little bit more in that struggle because I think Stephanie starts realizing with these powers you can do good. And you can help people with them.”

Julie continues, only to tease fans more as she adds: “There’s a lot of mythology that’s being developed in the show and what’s going on behind the scenes of the powers. Where did they come from? Who’s behind it? And so she’s kind of getting wrapped up in that more and more trying to figure out how did they get them exactly, what are the powers doing to them physically and the different things that can affect them.”

Now on to Dexter…any plans of ever returning?

“I think my time with them is over,” Julie says. “I mean it was shocking to me at the time. And I had to go back to help them clean it up in the very beginning of the season. [Laughs.] Had to get back in that bathtub. In retrospect it definitely, it’s been a year since my character’s death, I would have to say it was probably the right thing to do. I’ve only watched a couple of episodes so far and I think it’s interesting, you know they changed show-runners and so it’s a different style this season. But I think it’s still very interesting and very shocking. I hear the ending is another good one!”

However, Julie spills that though the on-screen fun is done on the set of Dexter, she’s still friends with the cast. “I’m friends with all of them. You know, I hang out with Jennifer a lot and I just saw C.S. over the weekend. So I know what’s going on, I hear about it. We were a very close family over there so I feel very lucky to have had that experience and still have those people in my life.”


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