‘Glee’ Stars Talk: Past Episodes, Alter Egos, & More

The Glee cast were out and about last night at The Men Of The Year Awards, and once again they pleased fans with lots of Glee talk of the past, present, and future!

Chris Colfer revealed that he wants his all-time idol Julie Andrews on the show, saying: “I am now heavily campaigning to get Julie Andrews to play my grandmother on the show. So if you know anyone who knows Julie, give ’em a buzz. I think she likes the show, so we’ll see!”

Once Colfer kicked off the convo, Jayma Mays stepped in to tease fans about the future for her Glee character, Emma Pillsbury, saying: “There’s definitely going to be some shocking episodes soon for my character. Shocking.”

As if that wasn’t enough to keep fans wondering, Mays revealed that if Gweneth Paltrow did return [which is what fans and most of the Glee cast are hoping], jealousy over Will could definitely set in for her on-screen character Emma. “If [Ryan Murphy] brings Gwyneth back, that means she has an interest in Will, and I don’t know that Emma would like that so much. I like Gwyneth, but I dunno if I like the character on the show.”

Though Mays may be one of the few non-supporters of Paltrow returning to the show, Chord Overstreet obviously isn’t! The Glee hunk decided to get his two cents in on the subject of Paltrow as well, commenting on the her guest appearance and revealing that before leaving the a-lister showered cast members with gifts when he said:

“Who doesn’t [have a crush on Gwyneth]? She’s drop-dead gorgeous, awesome. I didn’t even know she could sing like that. She was just awesome to work with and she left everybody personal gifts in their trailer and personal notes—just sweet.”

And in cuts Chris Colfer on the subject shortly after, stating the gifts were “the cutest little handsets for our cell phones, like an old-fashioned phone. And a personal note that is framed now, I’m not gonna lie.”

Okay, we’re all feeling the Gweneth on Glee love by now, but what fans are really wondering is: what major hit will the cast members themselves cover on the show next? Confirmation has arrived; is Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” big enough for you Gleeks? The hit single will hit the air on Glee’s post-Super Bowl episode as a mash-up with another song that has yet to be confirmed.

With all that Glee news, it was only fair the cast threw in some sort of news about themselves off the set, and that news has female fans falling over everywhere: Chord Overstreet is confirming that he is indeed officially on the market, saying, “In real life I’m single. Always.”

Chord, I’m sure ladies everywhere would gladly change that status for you. And Gleeks, now that you know Jayma Mays is concerned about what a Gweneth return would do to her character Emma, are you still in support of a possible return?


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