Micheal J. Fox Will Return To ‘The Good Wife’

EW has exclusively learned that The Good Wife producers have tapped Michael J. Fox to bring his manipulative lawyer Louis Canning back to the courtroom of CBS’ legal-political drama early next year. The Family Ties star first portrayed the cunning Canning just two weeks ago in “Poisoned Pill,” the sixth episode of the season. The storyline focused on Fox’s Canning going head-to-head with the show’s titular lawyer Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and using his “neurological condition” during a pharmaceutical trial to distract and sway lawyers. (Fox has Parkinson’s disease in real life.) Television critics, especially EW’s Ken Tucker, lavished praise on Fox’s nuanced performance.

“As soon as we saw the dailies of Michael playing Louis Canning, we started pleading with him to return,” series creators and executive producers Robert and Michelle King told EW. “Luckily he agreed. He’s amazing in this role: unpretentiously brave and funny. It’s good to have him back.”

Fox’s Canning will return for episode 13, titled “Real Deal,” which finds Florrick attempting to sign up homeowners for an Erin Brockovich-like class action lawsuit. Who does she encounter along the way? None other than Fox’s Canning — and he’s up to no good. “As the two rush to sign up the same clients, Alicia begins to worry that Canning is actually working for the defendant and trying to undermine her suit by creating a competing one,” says the official logline from CBS.

I am so excited about this, I loved his performance as Canning a couple of weeks ago and was hoping this would happen!!


  1. I can’t either, my jaw dropped this morning when I saw the article! I thought it wouldn’t be till later on in the season, towards the end at least. So excited though, I loved seeing how Alicia and the rest of the firm reacted to him.

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