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Taylor Momsen Kicked Off ‘Gossip Girl’?

Taylor Momsen Kicked Off ‘Gossip Girl’?


Taylor Momsen is going MIA on Gossip Girl. CW reps have currently declined to comment, but sources have confirmed that Momsen’s Gossip Girl character Jenny will be missing for at least four episodes starting with the series midseason finale airing on December 6th.

The news isn’t overly surprising since Momsen has been partaking in some rather questionable activities while touring with her band The Pretty Reckless. Shortly after the chest baring incidents began to be publicized, Momsen lashed out at fans saying she’d rather them go without all the technology.

Momsen’s behavior on the Gossip Girl set hasn’t been much better either. The rebel without a caused clashed with Tim Gunn when he guest stared earlier this season. “What a diva,” Gunn told E! News. “She was pathetic, she couldn’t remember her lines, and she didn’t even have that many. I thought to myself, ‘Why are we being held hostage by this brat?'”

I can personally say I’ve been rather annoyed with Little J on Gossip Girl, both this season and last. I think some time away might do everyone some good. Especially Gossip Girl fans like myself. What do you think about Taylor Momsen’s recent behavior? Are you glad she’ll be going MIA on Gossip Girl? Sound off below in our comments!

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  1. Jenny was always my favorite character on Gossip Girl, and I was so happy when the rivalry started between Jenny and Blair. I was excited when J and Taylor took an edgier route with fashion. But then it got trashy, and old.

    The more I hear, the less I like her. I think it’s a good idea for her to take a break from the show, and maybe she’ll get some class and clothes during that time.

  2. Yeah I agree. Little J was great in the beginning. And she was so much prettier without all the eye makeup. I’ve heard she blames her parents as they entered her in show business when she was 2. Based on the current examples of similar stars who have been in the spotlight all their lives… maybe there’s something to her claim…

  3. Get some clothes? LOL Clothes should never be a problem for Taylor. Isn’t she the one with Madonna and Lola in that clothing line? With that said maybe she is just getting a big head because she is working with Madonna.

  4. Yeah she is the frontgirl for that collection. I wonder if Madonna still would have gone with her post-flashing incidents. I’m inclined to think she probably wouldn’t have.

  5. That probably is true, but there are things she can still control. I’m sure it’s hard to be pushed into the spotlight by your parents. The excuse of “I flashed my goods for the world to see because my parents made me go into the shows business” doesn’t work forever.

    She’s a beautiful girl, I hope she can realize that and find some sort of middle ground and lead a semi-normal life.

  6. At the start of Gossip Girl there was the sweet nice Jenny (Taylor) but now in season 2+3 she has changed her whole look and with her behavior i wanna punch in the face. Kick her off the show, she is being a big ** on screen and hearing from the media off screen too.


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