Timberlake Cost N’SYNC Bandmates Opportunities

Former ‘N SYNC star LANCE BASS will never forgive former bandmate JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE for leaving the band hanging as he embarked on a solo career.

Bass had no idea that Timberlake’s Gone composition was his subtle message to his bandmates that he was ready to quit – for good.

Instead, Timberlake insisted he was just going to record a solo album and then return to the boy band, who still had two albums to record, as per the terms of their record contract.

Bass says, “When you really look back at it, with the song Gone, it was just him, no one else had any leads… It was just his solo record.

“Never did we think that it was grooming him to become a solo artist so that he wouldn’t go back to ‘N Sync.”

Bass admits he gave up chances to further his acting career while he was awaiting Timberlake’s return.

He adds, “I gave up so many opportunities, some television projects that I personally wanted to do, because I knew couldn’t.”