Blackout is Out

Britney’s new cd “Blackout” is now out! Are you going to pick it up? Do you already have it? Voice your thoughts about Britney’s new cd!

Fans queue up to be the first to buy Britney Spears’ new album ‘Blackout’ from Virgin Records on Hollywood Boulevard including Chris Crocker who was made famous by his video defending Britney.


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  1. Chloe wrote: I’m definetly not running out and buying the CD, but I’m not wishing anything bad for Brit. She’s a good person that’s just had a bad year. Maybe things will pick up, who knows.

    I’ll probably check the CD out on iTunes, maybe it’s not as bad as I’m thinking.

  2. Chloe wrote: I absolutely agree. It sounds like half the songs that have already been on the radio. She needed something new and original. She needed something that had that Britney style we all fell in love with, while being a step in the right direction and having a new flare.

  3. Emma wrote: Exactly. I keep saying that a duet with Justin would get her back on the map, but she needs to clean up her act before that can happen.

  4. Alexa wrote: I’m not getting it. I’m the same as Chloe you know I don’t wish anything bad for Britney she’s had a tough time and she really deserves a break.

    I also agree about Gimme More, I was expecting something way different..I didn’t like it at all (and I was a huge Brit fan)

    I wish her luck though with the cd and her career

  5. Kristen wrote: Same, I’m not getting it. I didnt like ‘Gimme More’ either, WAYYYY too repetative… lol.

    But like you guys said, I wish the best for her, and her family.

  6. Marissa wrote: :/

    I have the CD. It was delivered to my house. So incredible. I can’t get over it. It’s so upbeat and catchy. People will be singing it wherever they go.

    btw as much as I love Brit and Justin working together (or just together in general) she doesn’t need his help to get back to the top 😀

    .. even though she’s already there 😉