Fatone: I Don’t Blame Justin For Dumping N’Sync

Former ‘N SYNC star JOEY FATONE has stood up to support his most famous ex-bandmate, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, over allegations he left the boy band dangling while he went off to become a solo superstar.

Lance Bass recently criticized Timberlake for letting his bandmates down after telling them his solo career would be short-lived.

Bass has revealed he turned down acting offers because he expected Timberlake to return and record a new album.

But Fatone has defended his old pal, stating the Cry Me A River singer had no idea his solo career would be so successful.

He tells Parade.com, “Lance felt betrayed by Justin, but it didn’t upset me.

We were supposed to get back together and record, but since Justin was so successful with his own tour, he wanted to stay out on the road.

“He didn’t have to split money and fame five different ways. It was just going to one person. I would probably do the same thing.”



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