Love To Copy Radiohead Download Idea

Rocker COURTNEY LOVE is considering following RADIOHEAD’s example and releasing
her music on the internet – for free.

The British group posted their new album In Rainbows on their website and
allowed fans to choose how much they paid to download the LP.

And Love, who is currently working on her second solo record which is due for
release in 2008, likes the idea of leaving pricing up to the fans.

In a blog on her website she writes, “The kamikaze pilot in me wants to do
the same damn thing. I’m grateful for Radiohead for making the first move. I’d
do it differently. That’s why b-sides are no longer b-sides, but have to be
a-sides, to an extent.

“I love risk, and almost everything I’ve ever done well has been because
everyone said I was crazy to do it. That’s why words like ‘risk management’ and
‘time management’ are resonating with me now.”



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  1. one6ylady wrote: One good way to do it would be to offer them to do a download of the albums at a very low price and then offer them extras or bonus tracks to go with it for a small extra fee. Then they can choose how much they want to spend. If they just want the special release things without downloading the album, they pay regular download prices.