Top Chef: All-Stars To Be Hottest Season Yet

Critics are already warning current shows: Top Chef All-Stars will come with intense competition and is expected to result in ratings never before achieved throughout the show’s history!

First off, the talent is unspeakable [it’s the all-stars people], the food is reported to be filled with new never-before-used products, and the guest judges; well, they’re fiercer than ever! The show even has a new theme song!

The cast will receive special outfits to set them apart: the women are dressed to the nines, and the men are all spruced up as they deliver their best. All will sport a black chef’s jackets tailored differently by gender. On top of that, reports are even surfacing [yet not confirmed, that each cast member received a mini-makeover!

Enough about the chefs, now let’s talk about who’s sitting at the all-too-powerful judge’s table. World-renowned foodie Anthony Bourdain is back! And of course, the lovable trio Gail Simmons, Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi will return. Plus, he proves to be an entertaining foil to fan-fave contestant Fabio.

The quickfires are expected to be hotter than ever! The premiere of All-Stars itself pits city against city, challenging contestants to create a dish that best represents that season’s location.

And to wrap up the yummy-ness, the All-Star elimination challenges will feature guest stars like Paula Deen, Jimmy Fallon, Joe Jonas and Elmo [just to name a few]!

Don’t miss the Top Chef All-Stars premiere this Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 10 p.m. And if you just cannot wait until then, check out the sneak peak of the premiere quickfire below!


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