Amos Fumes At Figeting Fans

TORI AMOS stopped her show in San Diego, California on Wednesday night
(12Dec07) to reprimand two front-row fans who couldn’t sit still.

The singer/songwriter took exception to the fidgeting fans’ frequent trips to the foyer of Copley Symphony Hall – and eventually let them know how she felt.

Distracted Amos raged, “Hold on! Get the f**k out of my show! Get the f**k out! It’s a privilege to sit in the front row. These are my seats, and I give them to people who like music.”

Amos then insisted security guards escort the two friends out of the auditorium.


This doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been to several Tori concerts, and she has yelled out and cussed at fans at the majority of them. But I mean come on, you don’t get up and walk out during a Tori concert… you just don’t. If you do, well then, you totally have this coming.


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