Efron & Lil’ Wayne Collaboration Was ‘A Joke’

LATEST: A magazine which triggered false rumors that HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL star ZAC EFRON is recording a new album with rapper LIL’ WAYNE is defending its decision to poke fun at the stars, insisting it was intended “as a joke”.

America’s O.C. Weekly, a well-respected arts and entertainment publication, looks set to have to make an apology to both party, after claiming the unlikely duo are working on a music project together.

A reporter on the magazine is alleged to have witnessed Efron saying “What’s up, my n**ga?” to the rapper, before giving him a hug and then a “full-on kiss”
on the lips.

The news weekly printed the story without a disclaimer, making it appear to be true.

However the O.C. Weekly’s editor is standing by his decision.

He tells celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, “I just wanted to clarify that the Zac Efron and Lil’ Wayne story is purely fictional and is simply intended as a joke (and a hysterical one at that).”



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