Charice On ‘Glee’ : Sunshine Is Coming Back!

Glee kicked off its second season with a roster of encore-worthy fresh faces, including Chord Overstreet, John Stamos and Dot Jones. Yet, one much-talked about newbie has been missing in action since the closing credits of the first episode—that pint-sized girl with the powerhouse pipes, Charice (a.k.a Rachel’s glee club nemesis Sunshine Corazon). Last we saw of Sunshine, she had been whisked away by rival club Vocal Adrenaline, and we have yet to receive one call from her on our Telephone. Will Sunshine take center stage on the Fox musical series again? Charice says yes.

During a live web Q&A session today with, the 18-year-old singer-actress revealed that she’ll return to the Glee set—likely in January—to begin shooting again. However, she couldn’t have been more vague about the details.

“I can’t say what the story’s going to be. Just watch and see,” Charice teased. “Sunshine Corazon is coming back on Glee. We just don’t know if she’s coming back to the glee club [New Directions] or if she’s staying with Vocal Adrenaline, or if she’ll have a love interest.”

A love interest, you say? That was an interesting little tidbit to drop. Now, we’re not saying that just because she mentioned a potential sweetheart, that it will happen, but one does wonder why she brought it up at all, right? Sadly, the boy possibilities are a bit limited seeing as every guy on Glee seems to be paired off with someone at the moment. But like Charice said, we’ll have to see. Teenage love is a fickle beast.

Charice went on to sing her co-stars praises, saying, “They’re all nice and very comfortable to work with. It feels great to be around talented people. I just love listening to them, especially when it’s off camera.”

In addition to a return to Glee, Charice is working on a second album, which she calls “more dance, more pop and R&B” and will also appear on NBC’s broadcast of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting ceremony tomorrow, where she’ll sing “Jingle Bell Rock.” (The broadcast begins at 8 p.m. ET/PT.)


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