Timberlake Writes Songs In His Head

Pop superstar JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE never uses a pen and paper when writing songs – preferring instead to keep lyrics in his head until the time comes to record them.

The SexyBack hitmaker has been praised by producers on his Grammy-nominated record What Goes Around… Comes Around for his musical talents and his ability to store all of his songs mentally rather than writing them down.

Nate “Danjahandz” Hills, who co-produced the hit single along with Timbaland, insists Timberlake should be given more credit for his songwritiing abilities.

He tells MTV.com, “You will not see any paper trail from Justin. He started singing, ‘What goes around comes around’ – like, the melody first, no words, and then the words came.

“He was writing in his head. Justin’s telling a story. That’s about as close to perfect as I’ve gotten.”



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