Feist Prasies IPod Advert

Canadian singer FEIST has credited an iPod Nano advert with turning around her
fortunes in the music industry.

The four-time Grammy nominated songwriter – real name Leslie Feist – was
given a major career boost when her tune 1234 was used to soundtrack the TV and
radio promos for the popular MP3 player.

Sales of the 31-year-old’s solo album The Reminder have since dramatically
increased, but Feist insists she had no idea the ad would have such a massive
impact on her career.

She says, “I felt a definite shift (after the advert came out), it seemed to
peak a lot of curiosity which luckily led back to an album and video I believe
in. It just shows you the power of that kind of thing, as opposed to some
preconceived marketing ploy.

“I was a little naive as to the impact it would have because I really didn’t
have any idea it would be like that. But it did me nothing but favors because
I’ve continued doing what I do, but with so many new open ears from so many
more people than there were before.”



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