R.E.M. To Preview New Album On Facebook

Rockers R.E.M. are set to preview their new LP via social networking site Facebook – allowing its users to listen to new tracks before the album is released.

In a groundbreaking move, the Losing My Religion stars will stream their new Accelerate album through the site’s iLike application from 24 March (08) – almost a week before the album is due to hit record shop shelves.

R.E.M. are the first major act to use the medium of iLike to preview their music, and frontman Michael Stipe claims the move is needed if the band are to stay ahead in modern music.

The 48-year-old tells Billboard.com, “I think you can either go with it or sit back and watch it happen, and I would rather be out on the field than in the bleachers.”



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  1. pierreplover wrote: I wish all artists would do this. If I’m going to spend close to $20 on something, I want to make sure it’s as awesome as I hope. Good for them for doing their thing.