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Home Music Yorke Slams Newspaper For ‘Misquoted’ Glastonbury Comments
Yorke Slams Newspaper For ‘Misquoted’ Glastonbury Comments

Yorke Slams Newspaper For ‘Misquoted’ Glastonbury Comments


RADIOHEAD star THOM YORKE has blasted a British tabloid for claiming his band has ruled out performing at the U.K.’s Glastonbury Festival due to environmental issues, insisting the report is “bollocks”.

The green rocker was recently quoted in an interview with The Sun newspaper blaming poor public transport to the event for the stars’ decision to skip the gig.

He is alleged to have said: “(We’re doing) everything we can to minimize our impact on the environment…

“What we’re trying to do now is only play in areas that have a public transport infrastructure in place. So that rules out Glastonbury for this year.
Maybe we can work out a plan for the future.”

But Yorke insists he didn’t mean that at all – insisting his words were “taken out of context”.

Writing on environmental campaign group Friends Of The Earth’s Dead Air Space website, he says, “I also mentioned that we were not playing Glastonbury this year but were doing our own shows in London.

“(But) not because of transport issues… because the festival goers at Glastonbury were more than likely sick of the sight of us it felt a little early to be doing it again, we felt as if we had only just played there.

“Unfortunately, as is the way with such newspapers my words were taken out of context and implied we were not playing Glastonbury because there was no public transport infrastructure. Well that’s bollocks (rubbish).”



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