Foo Fighters Defend “Nicest Band In The World” Title

The FOO FIGHTERS are happy to be labelled the “nicest band in the world” and put it down to their lowly beginnings when they played their first gigs in people’s basements.

The Everlong hitmakers have long been known as the “nice guys” of rock and their amicable reputation has been fueled by comments from Against Me! bassist Andrew Seward who supported the band on their recent North American tour.

Seward said, “They say that (Foo Fighters frontman) Dave Grohl and his crew are the nicest guys in rock ‘n’ roll, and they are not lying.”

And Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel, who joined the rockers in 1995, insists they don’t mind the label and is sure it stems from the camaraderie they experienced when rock took over the 1990s music scene.

He says, “What I attribute it to is the way Dave and I, and the other guys, too, to an extent – we grew up in bands that started out playing shows in people’s basements.

“There was a lot of people looking out for other people, and people playing music for the music’s sake. There wasn’t really any sense of an ‘Us against Them’ back then. And we’ve still all got that attitude of being very grateful that people want to see you play, and come out in the numbers they do.”



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