Wentz Brands Canceled World Trip An ‘Utter Disappointment’

FALL OUT BOY rocker PETE WENTZ is devastated after the rockers were forced to scrap plans for an around-the-world-in-a-day tour altogether.

The group was scheduled to kick off their ambitious seven-continent record-breaking trek on Tuesday (25Mar08), but was forced to postpone the trip
– which included a show in Antarctica – due to bad weather.

They had hoped to embark on the rescheduled trip on Wednesday (26Mar08), and even planned to use a special aircraft that can land in the most adverse weather conditions.

Describing the Hercules plane on his online blog, bassist Wentz writes, “(The
plane) has four propellers and is used for take-offs and landings in conditions with bad runways and bad weather.”

But their efforts were thwarted when pilots advised them not to go ahead with their trek because it was too dangerous.

Wentz says, “It’s an utter f**king disappointment… It’s so insane. We had this idea, and then to not be able to fulfil it is just disappointing, especially when you put it out there. But what are you gonna do, wait until winter’s over?”

And Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump fears their canceled trip will upset Guinness World Records chiefs so much, they won’t respond the next time the band attempts a similar feat.

Speaking from Chile, two hours from Antarctica, Stump says, “I’m sure Guinness won’t ever return our phone calls again, I’m sure a lot of people are going to laugh at us, but the fun thing is I’ll be laughing with them, because it’s pretty funny that we made it all the way down to Chile. And we got really freaking far.

“It’s still pretty cool. If we lost, and our name is never in some book for breaking some record, it’s still pretty freaking cool.”



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  1. pierreplover wrote: Well, apparently they’re scared because they were “advised” not to attempt it. They never said that they couldn’t do it. But, good luck to them anyways.