Craig Silverstein Shares A Few ‘Nikita’ Secrets

Fittingly for a spy show, information about Nikita is hard to come by. However, executive producer Craig Silverstein has let slip a few tidbits that fans will no doubt be excited to hear.

Most of them involve Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), who will soon no longer have to spend all her time climbing around in vents. According to Silverstein, like Thom (Ashton Holmes) before her, Alex will eventually become a full-fledged Division operative. “It will come at a terrible cost,” he warns in a chat with, but Alex will get her own apartment, an expanded wardrobe, and car. As a result, she’s also getting a new potential love interest across the hall. Starting in the February 27 episode, Thad Luckenbill – who previously fell for Fonseca when both were on The Young and the Restless – will pop up. No word on what this means for Thom’s chances with Alex.

The show will also continue peeling back the layers of Nikita herself (Maggie Q), including answering that burning question about where she gets all of her money. “It may not be as much as you think,” Silverstein teases. He adds that Nikita and Michael’s (Shane West) currently broken relationship will be on the way to being mended. “Nikita and Michael’s relationship will take another turn, bringing them closer in an unexpected way.” That’s not all that surprising, but what is is what follows: his comment that someone on the show will finally have sex. Let the wild speculation as to whom begin.

Personally, I’d rather see Michael and Nikita’s relationship continue its slow burn, rather than see them jump in bed together. It would seem to be cheating the character development that the show has crafted so well over the first part of the season. It would seem more like something we’d see on Gossip Girl, which is a show Nikita fans definitely don’t want to emulate. So who’s going to be the lucky couple? It could be Alex and her new object of desire. Or it could even be people we don’t know. You know how producers love to tease. But either way, it looks like Nikita is going to keep piling the twists on, right until the very end.

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