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Universal Music Safe From Fire

Universal Music Safe From Fire


Record label Universal Music have dismissed rumors a vast archive of original
music recordings were destroyed in the fire at Universal Studios on Sunday

Soon after the fire broke out, reports circulated that music owned by
Universal labels Decca, MCA and ABS were stored at the studio – and that
“thousands of original recording masters” were among the movie sets and film
archives wiped out by the blaze.

A spokesperson for Universal confirms a music storage space was burned, but
insists there was no loss of major recordings.

He tells, “We had no loss, thankfully. We moved most of what
was formerly stored there earlier this year to our other facilities. Of the
small amount that was still there and awaiting to be moved, it had already been
digitized so the music will still be around for many years. Moreover, in
addition to being digitized, we also had physical back up copies of what was
still left at that location, so we were covered”.


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