Desmond Harrington Talks: Dexter’s Final Episodes

Dexter‘s Desmond Harrington recently revealed what’s up-and-coming for fans on the final two episodes of the Showtime hit – and even more importantly, what coming up for his character Quinn!

“Quinn is in trouble,” Desmond says. “I’m definitely in trouble in [the season finale].”

But will Desmond be a part of the rumored sixth season of Dexter? Quinn states “no comment’, but does say he’s pretty sure there won’t be a cliffhanger for Quinn.

Quinn goes on to admit that he loves being in love with Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) this season. “It’s real. I think maybe early on in the year he was in this to get information on Dexter [but] that’s definitely not the case now. He is actually in love with her…He definitely has softened up a lot. I honestly like that he’s a little softer and basically he’s fallen in love with this girl.”

Quinn also seems alarmingly close to figuring out Dexter’s big secret — that he is the “vigilante” murderer Deb is hunting. “In terms of accepting what Dexter does,” Desmond says, “honestly I don’t think [Quinn] would have a problem with this idea of justice being served the way that Dexter does it… Quinn more or less has a code of his own. I feel like he is very much a cop that would go to bat for other cops. And not necessarily in the best means.”

With the season finale not that far away, fans everywhere are going to be missing seeing Desmond Harrington on the tube every week, right? Wrong! Good news – Gossip Girl producers have asked him to reprise his role as Jack Bass around February!

Are you hoping that Quiin returns for the possible season six of Dexter? Also, are you excited or disappointed that Jack Bass is returning to Gossip Girl? Weigh in!

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