Martin: ‘I Like Miley’

Rocker CHRIS MARTIN has revealed he’s a closet fan of MILEY CYRUS and her TV show HANNAH MONTANA.

The Coldplay frontman has yet to meet the teen sensation but already knows he’d like her if he did. He says, “I like Miley Cyrus… I like the TV show.”

And Martin insists he’d even consider supporting Cyrus at a concert for what would be one of the oddest gigs ever. He adds, “I’d do it. Anyone we like or respect, no matter how different they may be, we would play with.

“She’s doing something quite different… I just think she seems to have a sweet character.”



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  1. beesknees wrote: I don’t know which I find more bizarre- the idea that he’s a total fanboy or that Miley is doing something “different.”