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Submit Questions For The Cast Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Submit Questions For The Cast Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’


FanBolt will be visiting the set of The Vampire Diaries at the end of this week, and we will have the chance to sit down with some of your favorite cast members to chat about the series!

We want to ask the questions the fans most want answered, so leave your questions for the cast below in our comment section. We’ll make a list of all of them to take with us!

The Vampire Diaries shoots very close to our offices in Atlanta, but this is our first time headed out to set. We look forward to bringing you all some great coverage and getting your biggest questions answered! Be sure to submit them below and follow FanBolt’s Emma Loggins on Twitter for live updates from the set visit!

Emma Loggins Emma Loggins is the Editor in Chief of FanBolt. As an internationally recognized "Geek Girl", Emma updates daily on the latest entertainment news, her opinions on current happenings in the media, screening/filming opportunities, inside scoops and more.  She’s been writing on the world of geekdom and pop culture since 2002 and is also considered to be one of the top Atlanta bloggers and influencers!


  1. hi 🙂 i posted two. thanks for doing the interview.

    1) can you please ask julie and kevin if bonnie and damon will be forming a friendship and understanding like in the books?

    or if you meet ian and kat can you ask them what they think about bonnie/damon? they have many supporters 🙂

    2) can you please ask julie and kevin if they have an idea when they might want to bring meredith into the series?

  2. Hi there, these are my two questions:
    1. To Julie and Kevin: Will Bamon friendship happen soon or are you guys just planning to ignore Bamon altogether, as a Bamon fan I’d like to see some scenes of them together.
    2. To Candice, Micheal or the writers: Will Caroline admit her feelings for Tyler any time soon? I really love this pairing, and I want to see more scenes with them.

  3. This is directed to Ian,:Damon seems to like a challenge in a woman and the power she represents like with Katherine.Can you see him moving on from his feelings for Elena and develop a liking to a sassy witch like Bonnie?

    Directed to the writers: Since you are taking parts core of the Lj smith book, including the love triangle and the werewolf storyline, do you see bonnie and damon getting close like in the books down the road in the show?

  4. hi! my question is for Julie and Kevin: in the books Damon always protects Bonnie, are we going to see Damon´s protector side towards Bonnie in the tv show? thank you

  5. how big of a threat is klaus gonna pose to mystic falls and will more people be involved? do bonnie, tyler and caroline know that they are a part of breaking the curse?

  6. They did it with Buffy, and Twilight…any chance for a Vampire Diaries movie in the future? And would the cast be interested in appearing?

  7. when can we see stelena get back together, its a torture to see them apart
    can bamon happen anytime soon, i really enjoyed their scenes in the book
    btw, r u guys going to make the engagement scene between stelena from the books, i loved it

  8. 1)Do they have anything planned for Bonnie and Damon? 2)Is there ever going to be more action in the show besides the triangle?

  9. Ian: Will he do livechat with Kat graham? How his relationship with Kat exactly like? of course, friendship wise!

    Writers & Kat: will we see Bonnie interact with her parents and cuz Lucy?

    Candice & Michael: Do you think Tyler/Caroline friendship will led to something more at the end of S2?

    Ian & Kat: will we see Bamon action & working together?

  10. Hi my questions are for Kevin and Julie:

    -Will we learn more about Bonnie’s family? (I feel like we’ve seen everyone’s parents but hers… in this case her dad)
    -Will Damon and Bonnie develop a friendship?… since they have to work together… well I’m hoping for more but I would like to see a friendship be developed
    -Will there be a storyline for Matt?… I feel like he’s being forgotten lol
    – Are they planning to involve Tyler in the idea of working with the Salvatore brothers?
    Oh and last question
    -Is there a some type of connection between Elijah and Elena? Just a bit thrown off from “The Sacrifice” episode with the whole blood spell and finding Elena.

    This question is for each cast members of TVD:
    -What do they each think of their character?
    – What are their opinions on how their character have developed from season 1 to now (the latest episodes)?

    Sorry for the heaps of questions

  11. My question is for Matt Davies (Alaric) – seeing as his character is not really featured in the books he has more freedom in how he plays the character, where would he like to see Alaric’s character go in the series (i.e. more of a mentor role or part of the kick-butt team)?
    Another question is about Jenna’s character – will she ever find out about all the of vampire/werewolf/supernatural beings on the show?

  12. For all: What were the most challenging scenes and why.
    Also for all: What were there favorite scenes.
    What was the funnest scene, and also saddest one.

  13. No questions here yet, but wanted to enourage everyone to check out the vampire diaries forum here at fanbolt and to enter TVD Holiday giveaway. Giveaway: Vampire Diaries Holiday Giveaway Forum: Vampire Diaries Forum

  14. What is in store for Tyler? Will he ever know the truth about the other vampires in Mystic Falls? Will he ever come into contact with Katherine and find out what she wants with him?

  15. Damon and Bonnie develope feelings for one another in the books and their chemistry is amazing on the show. Do you guys plan on going down the Bamon road? And are we going learn more about Elijah’s background and why he wants Elena to be protected?

  16. Will Damon and Bonnie develop feeling for each other or become friends?

    Will there be a Tyler and Bonnie friendship?

    Will Tyler and Jeremy, you know get together?

  17. can you PLEASEEEE ask julie or kevin if lucy will ever be making a reappearance? I LOVEDDD HER!!!! how about uncle john or isobel? thanks 🙂

  18. We’re headed to set in a couple of hours so we’re closing questions but we’re taking all of yours with us! Thanks everyone! Be sure to follow @emmaloggins on twitter for live updates today!

  19. Will we see more of Elena friendship/family scenes? or will we get more history about her since it seems like her life only involves around the Salvatore Brother’s ever since Stefan came in town in Season 1?

    In the beginning of the season, episode 2×02 I loved how we saw a Bonnie/Matt/Caroline scene so I’m curious we will ever get anymore of that? Or at least more Bonnie/Caroline, Bonnie/Matt friendship scenes?

    I’ve noticed that Damon is the only one to appreciate what Bonnie does, like he says “thank you” like he actually appreciates her help when her other friends don’t. So my question is will Bonnie ever feel she is under appreciated by the people closes to her since a guy she hates can appreciate the little things she does when her friends really doesn’t seem to acknowledge what she does?


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