‘Chuck’ Episode 415: Chuck Versus The Cat Squad – Casting Call

With no new Chuck episodes for 6 weeks, we will have to take what we can get. Here is a new casting call for episode 15 titled ‘Chuck Versus The Cat Squad.’

Casting Director is seeking guest stars for NBC’s Chuck Episode 415, ‘Chuck versus The Cat Squad’

Both Union and Non-Union Actors are welcome to apply.


1.) FEMALE (late 20s; any ethnicity) – ZONDRA. 28. Stunning, statuesque, a dark-haired beauty. Part of the “Cat Squad” (think “Charlie’s Angels”). She’s the tough one of the bunch. GUEST STAR;

2.) FEMALE (late 20s; any ethnicity) – AMY. 28. A knockout. She plays blonde and cute and bubbly, but she’s a trained kick-ass killer nonetheless. Part of the “Cat Squad”. She’s the peacemaker of the bunch, but she is hiding a secret. GUEST STAR;

3.) MALE (40-50; Brazilian) – AUGUSTO GAEZ. The archnemesis of “The Cat Squad”. Terrorist for hire. A villain who’s out to destroy the “Cat Squad”. GUEST STAR


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