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Home Music Danity Kane’s Shannon Bex Dishes On Group’s Future, ‘Making The Band’
Danity Kane’s Shannon Bex Dishes On Group’s Future, ‘Making The Band’

Danity Kane’s Shannon Bex Dishes On Group’s Future, ‘Making The Band’


When “Making the Band 4” ended its third season last October, Danity Kane was down two members. Diddy kicked out D. Woods and the spotlight-loving Aubrey O’Day. So when the fourth season debuts next month, it begs the question: Will O’Day and Woods make appearances on the show?

“Well, I can’t spill anything,” Shannon Bex told PIX 11 News in New York City. “You guys got to watch the season.”

Bex did say that just because O’Day and Woods are out of the group doesn’t mean they’re forgotten. “I just talked to D. Woods yesterday, actually,” she said.

And Bex still hasn’t recovered from the shock of loosing the girls last October. “Honestly, that day when we came for that meeting, that’s how it happened. It was right there,” she said. “I mean, I’ve always said I was a little shell-shocked. I love my girls, and I want people to know there’s a camaraderie there. I hope people are fans. … Those good times were good times, and they’re still my girls.”

Now that O’Day and Woods are out of the group, they’ve each confirmed working on solo projects. But does Bex have any plans to go solo?

“Our whole Danity Kane career, people have been asking us that,” she said. “We always say, ‘Whatever’s meant to be will be.’ We want to be the Rat Pack — doing everything.”

But there is one unusual passion that Bex would like to pursue when she finds the time. “Something I would love to be a part of is ‘Extreme Home Makeover,’ ” she said. “I just bought a house [in Oregon], and I’m, like, doing the remodeling.”


  1. awe. danity kane. I loved the group.
    & making the band! i’m still sad they arent together anymore! 🙁

    thx for this one! 🙂

  2. I know, it’s so sad! They had such good songs!! Like, they were just becoming big too with “Damaged” and then a few months it’s over. 🙁

  3. I wonder how successful this band will really be. I know that “produced” bands have been around for years, but I am not sure people want to watch it happen and then can seriously listen to it like they normally would.

  4. DK had their first two albums debut at #1. That’s a first for any girl band. Unfortunately, we’ll never know what heights they could’ve reached now that they’re no longer together. 🙁


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