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TMDP’s Debut Self-Titled Album

TMDP’s Debut Self-Titled Album


When talking about music genres, most people neglect to mention “house music” in their conversations. This could be because they do not like it or simply are unaware of its existence. But what exactly is house music? In short, house can best be described as “club music” or dance music that’s mixed together by music enthusiast and DJ’s.

House is not a massive musical genre in North America, as it is in other parts of the world, especially Europe. The music scene is flooded with numerous rock, hip hop, punk rock and pop artists. Those genres tend to be more familiar and are often used in conversation. Living in the United States, I had not heard of house music until I visited a friend in Germany. From the first sound wave that entered my ears, I became hooked on house and listen to it frequently.

TMDP is a house music duo that anyone could get hooked to. They’ve established their presence on the electronic music scene of their hometown of Toronto.

“TMDP’s cuts are bursting with melodies, scraping guitars and funky, rubbery bass lines,” Toronto magazine Eye Weekly said. “They deserve plenty of credit for skillfully using classic electro sounds in 2009 – and for not trying to bash your skull in with them.”

Jeffery Addison and Gavin Rough make up the backbone of TMDP. They have been acknowledged as “one of the top ten up and coming producers of Toronto,” in They said that they are mostly focused on melodies and are “always looking for new ways to showcase [their melodies] without limiting ourselves to a particular tempo or instrumentation.”

Their new self-tiled CD, released February 24, 2009 is an album that will not disappoint house music aficionados or those who are new to the genre. Once this CD is put into your music player, pump up the bass and be prepared because you will get the urge to dance. If you’re not into dancing, you’ll find your feet tapping and your head bobbing along with the electro-rhythms. TMDP’s album has a variety of songs, including fast and upbeat songs to slower, mellow songs. This will surely be a CD that will be played in many clubs and one that you will find to be hard to take out of your music player. Especially when you are in the mood to dance!

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Article by: Kim Gallagher



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