America’s Next Top Model Producers Face Lawsuit Over Apartment Damages

Producers of TYRA BANKS’ hit show AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL are facing legal action from landlord MICHAEL MARVISI, amid allegations the latest group of wannabe catwalk stars wrecked their rented New York apartment causing $500,000 (#250,000)-worth of damage.

The current batch of contestants on the 10th season of the reality TV program are alleged to have broken a $15,000 (#7,500) chandelier beyond repair, left food and make-up stains all over the posh $6 million (#3 million) loft apartment, while water damage has forced Marvisi to call in electricians to sort out the mess.

Furthermore, the show’s crew has been accused of completely ruining the Brazilian wood floors and punching “hundreds of holes in the ceiling to hang lighting equipment”.

And the callous treatment of his plush property has left Marvisi “devastated”, reports the New York Post’s gossip column PageSix.

A source says, “These girls not only destroyed the floors, it appears they had food fights. There’s ketchup and coffee splattered all over the landlord’s $20,000 white drapes. There’s lipstick on the walls. They moved in furniture and made holes all along the walls…

“The landlord is devastated. Three other shows approached him (to use the
apartment) and he turned them all down for ‘Top Model.’ And a tenant was supposed to move in a week ago, but when the place wasn’t ready, they pulled out. Tyra Banks should be ashamed of herself.”

America’s Next Top Model producers are also said to have “skipped out” on a $1,500 (#750) electricity bill, leaving Marvisi to pick up the tab himself.

And although show bosses offered to settle the dispute for $125,000 (#62,500), Marvisi has yet to receive any money, prompting him to consider launching a lawsuit against them.

The 10th cycle of America’s Next Top Model, created and executive produced by Banks, premiered on U.S. cable network The CW in February (08).



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