‘One Tree Hill’ Actress Goes on Tour

Now that One Tree Hill has wrapped up its sixth season, Kate Voegele has more time to focus on her music. The 22-year-old singer-actress is currently signed to Interscope Records and has recently released her second studio-album, A Fine Mess, earlier this month.

“I am very excited [to be back on tour],” Voegele told The Sentinel. “It’s been a great week, releasing a record on Monday and it’s been a great start so far. More than I could ever ask for.”

On One Tree Hill, Voegele plays Mia Catalano, a young singer and keyboardist for a rock band fronted by Jason (Kevin Federline). After Peyton (Hilarie Burton) signs the band to her upstart record label and becomes increasingly annoyed with Jason’s behavior, she later drops him and the rest of the band, but hangs on to Mia as a developing new artist. Mia performs songs on the series from Voegele’s real-life debut album Don’t Look Away including “Kindly Unspoken” in her very first episode. She also debuted her new song “You Can’t Break a Broken Heart” on the show.

On June 15, Voegele will play at the HiFi Club in Calgary, Canada to promote her latest CD. The singer has sold 250,000 copies of the album so far and its first single “Don’t Look Away” hit the iTunes Top 5 chart earlier this year.

While music will always be Voegele’s first love, she’s not closing her doors on acting, especially on One Tree Hill.

“Acting has been wonderful. It has been a cool, creative experience and I never pictured myself getting into it until I auditioned for the One Tree Hill role and got it…Seventh season is coming, but I [have] no ideas on story lines,” she said. “The writers are working their magic to come up with something awesome…It is exciting. The season finale was great because it was very positive.”

“I go episode by episode,” she explained. “If they want Mia back, I’ll be back.


  1. Kate has great music! If she was ever to tour near me I’d go and see her in a second

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