NBC Cuts ‘Love Bites’ Order

More potentially worrisome news for NBC’s Love Bites.

After having been pushed from the fall schedule to midseason and shed its original executive producer, NBC is now reducing the show’s first-season order from 13 to 9 episodes.

The Sex and the City-inspired anthology series is an hour-long romantic comedy starring Becki Newton about singles looking for love.

NBC insiders say the network is only cutting the order to make room for other midseason content.


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  1. Something is fishy. Why give Chuck MORE episodes and take away from Love Bites? This can’t be to just make room. Either Love Bites sucks or NBC decided awhile ago that this would be the end for Chuck. It better be that Love Bites sucks. LOL

  2. haha yeah I agree. Though Chuck has been up a little bit in ratings, so I think that Love Bites sucking might quite possibly be the reason…