Seth Rogen Teams Up With ‘Mythbusters’ To Test ‘Green Hornet’ Myths

Seth Rogen is stopping by Mythbusters to test some myths from his new movie Green Hornet. Rogen and the Mythbusters team will take on two scenes from the upcoming film.

The Mythbusters team, with Seth as their assistant, tackles two pivotal scenes from the film. First up is ‘Explosive Escape,’ where The Green Hornet and his tech-savvy sidekick Kato are buried alive in the Green Hornet’s iconic car Black Beauty and blast their way out using the car’s built-in rockets. Adam, Jamie and Seth re-create this explosive silver screen scene… with a little TNT party.

Then, in ‘Elevator Car Cut,’ Seth requests that Kari, Grant and Tory take on another action sequence from the movie, where The Green Hornet and Kato again find themselves in a jam. After being shot up by bad guys they crash into an elevator. As the elevator ascends, it slices the car in half, leaving them to escape in the front half of the car. To test this scene, the team build their own elevator from 3.5 tons of steel, chop a car in half and take half a car to the racetrack. Will any of these results be Hollywood ready?

“I’m a big fan of MYTHBUSTERS,” said Rogen. “We were making a big action movie and it just seemed like the only time we could do something like this. I watch the show all the time and it just seemed cool to see if the stuff in our movie was possible in any way, shape or form.”

The The Green Hornet Special episode of Mythbusters will air on December 15th at 9pm ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. The Green Hornet opens in theaters nationwide on January 14, 2011.