The Spill Canvas Advance Review

Nick Thomas is soft spoken. Not what you’d expect from an established musician who has had the confidence not only to put The Spill Canvas on the map, but basically bare his soul, through his music, on a nightly basis. As a fifteen-year-old Thomas was the Spill Canvas. There was no band behind him, just his words and a guitar. To be able to handle pressure like that at the age of 15 is no small feat.

The band is currently working on a new album to be released later this year on Reprise Records. A five-song EP Realities is available now and features a slightly different sound but one that fans of the band will most likely enjoy. Thomas made it clear that he doesn’t like to put out the same thing over and over. Not only does it get old but the singer likes to challenge himself. The EP’s single “Our Song,” is both catchy with tongue in cheek lyrics. The new sound is both different and more mainstream.

The band is gearing up for a five week tour. The shows have much hype attached to them because it’s been over a year since The Spill Canvas has hit the road.

“You get into a routine,” Thomas said. “We haven’t been on the road for over a year or so, it’s different.” The shows will showcase much of the new material and, of course, the material that made Thomas famous in the first place. With support acts Tyler Hilton, AM Taxi, and The New Politics, this is a show that shouldn’t be missed.

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