Britney Spears’ Upcoming Album To Be ‘Trippy’?

The much-anticipated upcoming album from pop star Britney Spear, is being called ‘mind-bending and trippy’.

A work still in progress, Spears’ team recently flew a “writing camp” of top music producers and writers to Dallas to brainstorm and collaborate on new songs.

The single ‘Usual You’ [off Spears’ most recent album Circus] is reportedly being used as the ‘jumping off point’ in the creative brainstorm for the upcoming album.

OneRepublic frontman and well known hit-maker Ryan Tedder gave a pretty interesting statement of the album-in-progress to E! recently, stating: “It’s mind-bendy and trippy. I applaud the label for saying, ‘We’re not going to do what’s always been done.’ I think Britney’s such an innovator. She needs to be in the forefront, you know what I mean? You can’t come out with something sounding like someone else.”

But is a ‘trippy’ album the right step for Britney to take in her attempt to make a comeback? Or should she stick to the old Britney we all fell in love with before the breakdown?


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