Bryan Adams Says He Doesn’t Know What ‘Glee’ Is

Bryan Adams says that contrary to what the cast and creative team behind Glee have said, he didn’t prevent the popular show from using one of his songs — in fact, he doesn’t even know what Glee is.

The show’s creator Ryan Murphy and Canadian star Cory Monteith have both said in interviews that Adams was among a select few artists to reject the smash hit show from using one of his songs.

Adams dismissed that notion emphatically in an interview Thursday.

“People kept saying things like: ‘You turned them down,”‘ Adams said on the line from Switzerland.

“I never even heard from them! I don’t even know what Glee‘ is! Glee is when I wake up in the morning, OK? That’s glee, all right?”

So, the Canadian rocker would be amenable to the Fox show covering one of his classic tunes?

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