Mario’s Mom Admits to Drunken Police-Report Filing

When R&B singer Mario was accused of second-degree assault against his mother, fans everywhere were stunned. Finally, his mother has come clean [and sober], and admitted this was all a big mistake.

Shawntia Hardaway, who accused her son of getting violent with her last month, admitted in a Baltimore court today that she had been drinking at the time of their altercation and requested that the case against her son be dropped.

Prosecutors subsequently dropped the singer’s second-degree assault charge. For fans who don’t know already, Shawntia has an on-going drug abuse problem; one in which her son has been trying to help detox her from for years but yet, unknowingly, supports her habit with the financial help he provides his mother from his career.

“It was clear from the beginning that Mario never touched or struck his mother,” says Mario’s lawyer. “She was under the influence of drugs when she gave her statement to police. To her credit, she corrected her statement in court today.”

Thank goodness all that cleared up before music fans categorized him in the ranks of Chris Brown’s company!


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