TRON: LEGACY Soundtrack Is Now Available

Disney’s Tron: Legacy Soundtrack is finally here and is currently $3.99 on Amazon! Daft Punk has truly captured the essence of the Tron Universe.

There’s been a lot of hype about this soundtrack and Daft Punk’s work on the soundtrack. The film’s cast has even spoke on numerous occasions about how Daft Punk’s music really help to set the tone of the film.

We received a copy of the CD here at FanBolt have to say we’re in love with it. The physical CD included some great bonus content such as a music video, photo gallery, and the official movie trailers. However, the one you can download at Amazon has a digital booklet download with it as well. We haven’t checked that out, but if you do let us know! Be sure to pick up your copy at the link below or a store near you!

Disney’s Tron: Legacy opens December 17th!


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  1. It is! I’ve heard it’s beautiful but it’s seriously lacking in quality. Can anyone confirm or deny that? I still haven’t seen it.