‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Will Likely Be Back For A Second Season

TLC is quite happy with Sarah Palin’s Alaska. The network is currently working on securing a second season of the series, and sources say another season looks likely.

Palin, who is said to be making more than $250k per episode for the 8 episode season, has been keeping up with her series ratings and after the show premiered to over 4.96 million viewers – she started working on a new deal.

“Sarah knows to strike when the iron is hot and started talking about season two right after the show debuted to huge numbers,” a friend of Palin told PopEater’s Rob Schuter. “She knows that celebrities get millions of dollar for each episode of their shows and thinks she’s worth it too. Jennifer Aniston took home millions from Friends and in Sarah’s eyes, she’s no different.”

Well, I don’t think Sarah Palin should compare herself to Jennifer Aniston. Acting and being in a reality series are not the same thing. Not to mention that Friends brought in much higher numbers on a major network. There are still speculations online however that Palin might be able to rake in 1 million per episode for Season 2 of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Do think it’s reasonable? Or do you think the big bucks should be reserved for actual actors and not those starring in reality series? Sound off in our comments!


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  1. I can honestly say that I’ve never watched this and more then likely never will. I honestly don’t think anyone should be payed a million dollars a episode for reality TV.

  2. I completely agree. I have to admit I really kinda want to see the episode with her and Kate. It seems like it’d be comical. But I completely agree that no one should be paid that much for reality TV. And does anyone think this is going to hurt her if she tries to run for office? I mean having a reality star in office I feel would make our country a joke. But that’s just my opinion.

  3. I think to the rest of the world, we were already a joke when George W Bush was in office. LOL With as reality show hungry this country is, it wouldn’t surprise me if they still voted Sarah into office. I’ll be on my way to Canada then.

    Sarah is nothing but a circus act. A joke. Just like Danica Patrick in Indycar & Nascar. Its all about building their brand and their “true” profession is just a side act.

  4. This whole article is a crock of caribou cah-cah! Sarah did not say any of this crock. This whole article is either a made up story or the writer has contacted a poser friend because they obviously do not know Sarah.

    When you quit believing the lies about what Sarah is all about and know that she is not driven by fame and fortune but by wrongs she sees that need to be righted and sees simple solutions to America’s economic woes. She would not do a typical reality show and chose this type show because it was more like one on any Travel show in which she introduces to the world what she and others in Alaska like to do …It is more like a tourism commercial if anything.
    btw: This 20 year veteran in political life with over 5 Op-eds she had published in major publications prior to her being picked as McCain’s running mate,played hard ball with Big Oil and balanced the budget of billions with surplus for the 6th wealthiest state in America. Because of her Alaska is now one of only four states in America NOT IN THE RED. She knows how to manage money and would have more sense than thinking that a cable show reality person would get as much as a movie star on network TV. She knows how to make America prosperous again…people want and need jobs and need to know she can get people back to work again..she will get behind someone who knows what she knows or she will step into the race herself and get it done!