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Home TV First Trailer For Steven Spielberg’s ‘Falling Skies’ Released
First Trailer For Steven Spielberg’s ‘Falling Skies’ Released

First Trailer For Steven Spielberg’s ‘Falling Skies’ Released


The first trailer for director Steven Spielberg’s alien-invaded TNT drama Falling Skies [due next summer], has finally surfaced!

Noah Wyle stars as a headstrong resistance leader against aliens who invade Earth. Producers are insisting the drama will focus on what the aliens left behind rather than the invasion itself [though the trailer doesn’t do that statement much justice].

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Will you be tuning in for the invasion?


  1. Saw the trailer this morning. It certainly looks epic, and has a nice Jericho+V vibe going for it, but I’ve been so burned by sci-fi shows the past few years that I won’t be heartbroken if it ends up sucking. I hope it doesn’t though.

  2. Looks a lot like V to me. Didn’t see Jericho so I can’t comment on that. Feels more like a movie though than a series. I know it will be 10 week event, but I’m wondering if that’s it? Is there a possibility for a season two? I need to research it a bit more. 🙂 I do know we’ll be having contests for this title in the future though! 😉

  3. And a bit more info…. TNT will be premiering Steven Spielberg’s epic new television series,Falling Skies, June of 2011, The ten week television event opens in the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack that has left most of the world completely incapacitated. Falling Skies is about an epic battle that pits humans against the alien force that has invaded our world. Outnumbered and outmatched, its up to a group of everyday heroes to band together and triumph against a mysterious invading force.

  4. When I saw the trailer I thought War of the Worlds and Jericho. I loved Jericho. Anyway, the trailer looks interesting enough, but I just dislike alien type movies. I am going to watch, but I am betting it isn’t going to be another winner for me like “The Walking Dead” is. It would be cool if so.

  5. I can definitely see the War of the Worlds reference. The aliens look a little bit more like that than the V aliens. 🙂 I’ll definitely watch it. But you mention Walking Dead… it was amazing how that show attracted so many fans who were not zombie fans. For me part of the draw was that they were blowing up buildings that I see all the time living here in Atlanta (CGI of course) so I loved seeing my town. But I think even without Atlanta being a character in that series I still would have tuned in. And I still really can’t tell you why that is.


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