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Taylor Swift Concert Review: Quite A Show!

Taylor Swift Concert Review: Quite A Show!


Taylor Swift went from a relatively unknown name in 2007 to selling out the world’s largest venues. She’s experienced a meteoric rise to super stardom. The talented songstress brought her spectacle of a show into the Hp Pavilion in San Jose. Swift had sold every seat in the house for two straight nights.

After NeedToBreathe, a band that was handpicked by Swift to open for her, got through their set, an intense buzz took over the venue. There were lots of signs, some proposing marriage others simply proclaiming their love for the country star. There was also lots of shrill screams. The average age of the audience was young, as expected. But Swift is also drawing the country crowd. A few cowboy hats could be spotted and bedazzled boots were a definite staple. Once the lights went down it was difficult to hear Swift’s first song.

Yes, there’s a pattern to every song written by Taylor. Most likely a male will be the reason why the song was written in the first place. She will also, in all probability, mention that person’s name. And recently the name’s have been a little more noteworthy. Whoever Corey was, well no one cares anymore. They’d rather speculate on the identity of John, who is probably famous for a lot more than being in the title of “Dear John.”

So, although Taylor’s circle and lifestyle may have changed dramatically in the last few years her songs have not. They are becoming more memorable though. Her writing chops have never been in debate and Swift showed them off while performing material from her multi-platinum album “Speak Now.”

The arena show featured a crew of dancers and elaborate stage but showcased Swift’s personality and message loud and clear. This is one superstar who knows she wouldn’t be anywhere without her fans and goes the extra mile to make sure their experience is a perfect one.

Within the first two songs of the night Swift was front and center speaking to the massive audience. And it wasn’t a super star speech. She did cover the “I wouldn’t be here without you,” part. But she also talked about her memories of San Jose. She immediately connected to them. Something she’s been good at since her start.

Although Swift doesn’t have the strongest voice her memorable songs make up for her faults. The music was solid and the thousands of screaming fans in attendance rocked out to the Swift staples. She was drown out by the audience’s vocals numerous times. Taylor has become much more than a country singer in the last few years. She’s a pop star. One that has retained the same attitude she began with. She’s a humble, thankful star that puts on quite a show.



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