Rebelution Concert Review: An Unforgettable Show… That Fans May Have Forgotten

Rebelution has been a guaranteed sell out for a few years running. The reggae band that hails from Southern California has been forging a successful road for themselves in the music industry for some time. The group has now become accustomed to large, sold out gigs.

The quintet brought along a few props that adorned the stage. A few marijuana plants were strategically placed around the instruments and the crowd at the Fox Theater in Oakland was in no need of those trees. Most of the crowd brought their own.

The plumes of smoke began rising over the audience as up-and-coming band The Green began their set. They turned out to be a perfect opener for Rebelution. The band provided 30 minutes of kick back melodies and got good vibes from the audience. The Green is definitely worth checking out even if reggae isn’t necessarily the leading genre on your ipod. They combine strong, catchy melodies with two talented vocalists. The lyrical content fit the crowd perfectly and whipped them into a frenzy for the head liner.

Tickets had been going for well over face value in the parking lot before show time and fans sprinted onto the general admission floor intent on finding the best vantage point. Rebelution has turned reggae music cool again. The group didn’t have much of a dramatic entrance. They simply wandered onto the smoke filled stage and began to play. A steady stream of popular songs followed. The audience didn’t miss a beat and sang along with everything they played.

Sure, the marijuana schtick gets old. And pretty quickly at that. But Rebelution is much more than a pot smoking reggae group. They’re talented individuals that make superior music. That’s evidenced by the cult like following they have created. They’re fans are passionate. A lot of the pre show chatter had to do with the prior performance the night before. Many of theses super fans are following the group on their country wide jaunt. No small feat.

Front man Eric Rachmany hit all the high notes flawlessly and bassist Marley Williams expelled non stop energy stage left, waving to fans. This group is likable, talented and put on an unforgettable show. Although, the majority of fans may have forgotten it later that night. In any case the “Peace of Mind Tour,” was a success.


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